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Come one, come all!  From tonight, Saturday May 21 to Saturday May 28, the Golan Heights Winery is presenting their incredible yearly wine extravaganza at the port of Tel Aviv.   There will be 6 separate themed bars, and each cost only around 30 shekels to sample all four (or more) wines featured there.

All of the information online about the fest is in Hebrew.  However, it’s going to be fantastic.  The winemakers themselves are going to be there.  We’re opening top-end wines that are not yet on the market.  There are free workshops every night.  Blind tastings.  The works.

Day 1 was incredible! I got to open a Yarden Rom. That's right. Rom.

Basically, be there or be square.  You can come for 20 minutes, you can come for 4 hours.  It’s simple.  As it’s free to get in (it’s at the namal, after all), you can pick and choose exactly which of the 6 experiences you’d like to have.  Starts at about 7 pm every night (except Shabbat, when it’s after Shabbat ends, around 8 pm).

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Golan Heights Winery's Gamay Nouveau Festival

Worries about finances, men, career, short story writing, reading long classic novels, applications, and the near-to-not-so-near future have not made for an easy couple of weeks.  It’s been a sort of sleepless treading of water.  My schedule has been impossible, and it doesn’t look like it will abate.  I’m not complaining.  I’ve made my bed.  I’m simply hoping that expressing some of this will alleviate some of the pressure, like poking some tiny holes in a balloon to make it leak instead of explode.  Notice how many “some“s I used in the previous sentence.  Oh well.  This isn’t the great American novel.

There are some things to look forward to.  Namely, big time wine events.   If you can make them, do so.

The Sommelier 2010 Wine Expo: November 8 & 9, 12-9pm

Sommelier 2010

This is the largest and most important annual wine show in Israel, and it will be held at Heychal Ha’Tarbut (the cultural center where HaBima Theatre is, at the top of Rothschild).  Some of you may wonder if it’s larger than the IsraWinExpo that happens every two years at the Exhibition Grounds, but it’s not, and I’ll tell you why.   This event is geared towards professionals.  The wineries know that they are dealing with wine store owners, chefs, beverage managers, high-end waiters, and yes, sommeliers, and the wine variety and selection show it.  I won’t divulge what the Golan Heights Winery is presenting yet (secrets, secrets), but I can tell you the lineup is impressive.

The event is open to the general public after 7:30 pm, and I believe it will cost 100 shekels.  It’s not such a steep price when you consider you can drink as much as you want (well, it’s a “tasting” quantity – but with dozens of wineries to visit, it adds up) while learning about the best of the best of the Israeli wine industry.  For those of you with even a remote connection to food and wine on a professional or semi-professional level (food bloggers and cafe waiters listen up) – you can try to register on the Sommelier website, and I’m almost certain you’ll be approved.  Important: you’ve got to write in Hebrew, your name, profession, the works, or the form won’t submit.  Get some help if it’s a problem.  The confirmation will most likely go into spam, and it will be in Hebrew, so also be on the lookout. Print it out and bring it with you if you can.  Today is probably the last day to register, so act now.  It’s free for you!

Israeli “Beaujolais Nouveau” Festival – 19 November, 12-4 pm, “HaTachana” in Neve Tzedek

2009 Gamay - designs by young artist contest winners

I know, I know, I should not use the word Beaujolais.  But I did get your attention, I hope.   The Beaujolais Day in France was a marketing ploy created after WWII, and it was seen as way to clear out the vin ordinaire (ordinary, simple table wine) at the very beginning of the season and make a good profit.  So, on the 3rd Thursday of November, the very first wines of the year (yup, the 2010’s – off the vine as little as 6 weeks ago) open up to the market (this is a legality – French wine rules are strict).  AND wineries compete in a race to get their wines to Paris from Burgundy first.  Lots of media hype over the years has made this race an international phenomenon.

The Golan Heights Winery has followed suit, and on the 3rd Thursday of November, they are releasing their 2010 Gamay Nouveau.  Yes the same varietal as the genuine article.  The method of production is also the same, using a fermentation method called carbonic maceration and preventing an malolactic fermentation from happening.  Basically, the wine is fermented inside the grapes, before pressing, preventing any harsh flavors, no tannins, etc.  It’s a fresh light magenta-pinky-purple wine, and you’ve got to drink it within the first year.  It’s great moderately chilled.

GHW’s Gamay Nouveau Festival (map)

Friday, November 19, 2010

12-4 pm

Building 3

HaTachana (map)

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