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Another transfer from an older blog of mine… it was an amazing girls’-wine-night, so I wanted to share it! Read on:

Two very significant events of the day.

1) I was surveyed by an official of the government. And it was the law. I had a legal obligation to take a “community survey” or who knows, I could have gone to jail. Questions like, what is your religious observance, are you happy with the cleanliness of your neighborhood, do you think buses should run on the sabbath, are you happy in your career, do you rent, do you make enough money, who do you turn to in crisis, etc, etc, etc. This lady stalked me for a few weeks. Really. I was 1 out of 10,000 chosen, and she told me to think of it as an honor — I represent at least 200 other people in my exact situation. Why not be counted?

2) I had my first girls’ wine night. Italians. It was really really fun. And as I’m writing now a bit sloshed, it was a good night indeed. We opened a Valpolicella, a Nero D’Avola, and super-Tuscan 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. North, South and Middle. It was awesome. Rather new friends of mine from the winery we all work for. Amazing palates, good cheese and veg, fun conversation, and excellent wine. The first (Valpolicella) was like a perfect midway between a Pinot Noir and a Chianti. The second (Sicilian – the Nero D’Avola) was like a Syrah but more robust, if you can say that, with just a gorgeous complexity. Jamminess. The third (Super Tuscan!) was a real true blue Cabernet Sauvignon. Smelled like one, looked like one, tasted like one (but not as strong as it could have been). For Italy, amazing.

Last serendipitous series of events – while lunching at a tiny French-cafe-sandwich bar, I started talking to a fellow counter-seater. A sci-fi nut like myself, so rare in Israel. I visited his profile on facebook after we friended each other. He had a quotation attributed to Yoda from Star Wars:

Do, or do not. There is no try.

So plain. So simple. It has helped me a lot lately to think of this. I am entirely responsible.

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