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I am absolutely fascinated by Rolf Potts.  He is traveling the world with no luggage at all.  Everything he is carrying is on his person, in a vest and cargo trousers.  He calls it “The No Baggage Challenge.” Check this out:

Here is his route, and also the rules he is going to live by on this 42-day 12-country tour.

I’m posting this A) because it’s totally awesome; B) because I adore travel; and C) I have realistic aspirations of doing something similar, albeit different (I know that makes no sense).  I’ve done lots of research on “round-the-world” trips.  Dozens of countries, varying routes, varying modes of transportation to get to it all.  When I was 20, I challenged myself to make it across Europe and finish in Israel without leaving the ground…or water, I should say.  And I did it.  Buses, ferries, trains, an occasional taxi, and my good old two feet helped me accomplish this.  Now I’d like to see if I can do it on foot.  I’d also like to broaden my scope and do a world tour without any money (or a very set specific budget, with rules, ala Mr Potts).

Here is my fascinating discovery week:

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Working my way around the world and getting free room and board by gardening, plowing, cooking, cleaning, milking, teaching, etc, etc, etc… sounds absolutely amazing.  Now that’s an idea for a challenge, a blog, a book (although I’m pretty sure it’s been done).  1 year, dozens of countries, set max budget, and an incredible way to learn about and teach people worldwide about organic agriculture, its history, cultural differences, and future.  From the ground.

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