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I googled, “cheer me up.”  Here’s what I got:

ZYRA - Badum, dum...tsss

I am horrified by google, the internet, and humanity in general at the moment.  How can an internet search of the words “cheer me up” be such a dud?  Perhaps that’s the joke? The results are so ludicrous that they by default cheer up the searcher?

I digress.  I’m not having a great morning.  Lots of work things have left me in a foul, anxious, borderline sort of mood.  On a whim I googled “cheer me up”.  Let me share my results with you:

  1. The Official ZYRA Website – a truly bizarre low-tech compilation of lists, research, and encyclopedic factoids.  It looks like a fantasy site, something out of a messed-up comic book world.  Scary.
  2. The Official Jokes Thread…on a forum on East Asian Horror and Cult Cinema – the funniest thing about this site is that all the jokes are being told by someone sporting a profile pic of a Japanese schoolgirl in uniform.
  3. Yahoo! Answers – a depressed British schoolgirl weeps about her misery, and receives a slew of answers…
  4. Some Jewish Blog in Boulder, CO – and the telling of a stupid Barrack Obama joke.

It just occurred to me that I’m doing these websites a favor by actually linking back to their silly/stupid/boring content.  Enjoy the weirdness, if you dare…

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