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Neil Gaiman's Xmas by 39 Degrees North

Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating! And a very Happy Weekend to the rest!  Despite being Jewish, I miss Christmas, and being in Israel, I feel unashamed at saying so. It’s like I don’t have to be vigilant in guarding my religious traditions by not celebrating others’. I made egg nog, and I found Christmas carols (love the #christmas tag-tuner), and we hung some fairy lights, and we ate a Bouche de Noel (French Yule Log Cake) and a Galette des Rois (Cake of the Kings – another French tradition).

AND these videos were the life of the party and made my week that much easier.  I think they capture the spirit.  If you have a few minutes, they’re intriguing or inspiring or hilarious.  Enjoy!

Neil Gaiman Christmas poem.  WOW:

Trouble with your Blackberry?

Yoga has been so underrepresented on Broadway:

PINA BAUSCH and WIM WENDERS (http://vimeo.com/17772908).  I cannot wait to see this:


Nursing home talent contest.  Hilarious!

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Just a quicky – I’m in the “final” stages of my personal statement for grad school.  But I have seen some joyous hilarious videos lately, and I wanted to share!  Happy weekend!

Ah… memories of summer on this cold winter night from the lovely awesome people at Improv Everywhere:

This is old, but I only saw it recently. Enjoy David Beckham playing a prank on the Ellen Show:

Finally, another great product we all need.  Treat your breasts!  A brilliant stocking stuffer! Wink, wink…


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Really nice shoes. I did.

I haven’t been blogging for a while, and the longer I don’t, the harder it is to go back.  And I’ve had so many ideas, and such an interesting couple of weeks.  Seriously, it kills me, and I don’t know where to start writing.

But the situation itself (the not writing) is reflective of the current state of my life.  Not that I’ve not been busy (went to a tweet-up, went out on a date, and worked the incredible IsraWinExpo).  But the internal drive and state aren’t so healthy.  I’m feeling pretty apathetic, a bit behind on work, my laundry situation is dire, the dishes and leftover food situation were physically nauseating, and my linens were seriously, seriously needing a wash.

So, in short, last night I had an “insightful” evening — had a moment of clarity and took a honest look at my life. I’ll spare you the details for the moment. But this morning, this Saturday morning, I got out of bed, and I immediately put on trousers, a bra and shirt, and finally shoes.  Shoes.

Whether barefoot, in socks, in slippers, or even in Uggs, I find I’m not really awake and rearing to go in a serious, “I am going to work, make money, do my chores, call my friends, and generally be productive and feel good,” without shoes.  Fully dressed, yet still in slippers, I might as well have stayed in pajamas. Although it be possible to get work done in this condition, I do it as grudgingly, as a schlub.  Nobody likes to feel like a schlub.

Today, I did the dishes, all of the dishes.  Emptied and scrubbed the “kolboinik,” (it’s a sink-trash – no disposals in Israel), and bleached the hell out of the sink and surrounding areas.  It took more than 2 hours.  I planned on stopping.  I wanted to go to a favorite cafe and work and write and be  a Tel Aviv “participant.” But as soon as I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I had the urge to scrub a bit more.

So, when in doubt, when feeling a bit of despair, hopelessness, or if you’ve hit an itching dry procrastinating spell – put on your shoes.  Some powerful shoes.

I’m in boots, thick high-heeled black leather boots.  Imagine standing in those for two hours in front of a nasty dripping sink.  Got through it though, didn’t I?

Here are some photos from the past weeks that I’d like to share.  I’ll get to describing some of the fantastic events I’ve been to shortly.  I promise.  Enjoy!

My Clean Dishes!

Ahmadinijad in drag - lovely figure don't you think?

Edible Elmo & Cookie Monster - cupcakes are chic in Tel Aviv

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I googled, “cheer me up.”  Here’s what I got:

ZYRA - Badum, dum...tsss

I am horrified by google, the internet, and humanity in general at the moment.  How can an internet search of the words “cheer me up” be such a dud?  Perhaps that’s the joke? The results are so ludicrous that they by default cheer up the searcher?

I digress.  I’m not having a great morning.  Lots of work things have left me in a foul, anxious, borderline sort of mood.  On a whim I googled “cheer me up”.  Let me share my results with you:

  1. The Official ZYRA Website – a truly bizarre low-tech compilation of lists, research, and encyclopedic factoids.  It looks like a fantasy site, something out of a messed-up comic book world.  Scary.
  2. The Official Jokes Thread…on a forum on East Asian Horror and Cult Cinema – the funniest thing about this site is that all the jokes are being told by someone sporting a profile pic of a Japanese schoolgirl in uniform.
  3. Yahoo! Answers – a depressed British schoolgirl weeps about her misery, and receives a slew of answers…
  4. Some Jewish Blog in Boulder, CO – and the telling of a stupid Barrack Obama joke.

It just occurred to me that I’m doing these websites a favor by actually linking back to their silly/stupid/boring content.  Enjoy the weirdness, if you dare…

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