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Just Because I Like Them.  Enjoy.

From Tom Jones.  Who knew Albert Finney was so amazingly beautiful in the early 60’s?  Incredible actor.

One of the finest scenes from Tampopo – a stunning, poignant, and hilarious Japanese film all about food — and the society that surrounds it.

Seems a more than a bit kitschy now, but Like Water For Chocolate was one of the hottest movies we ever got to watch in high school.

A thoroughly bizarre film, Beetlejuice scared the crap out of me – and though I did enjoy watching it – I think I would close my eyes or run out of the room during certain bits.  This was certainly one of them.  Even though I knew it was coming.

Yes, it’s dubbed in French (gotta love the French and their inability/unwillingness to accept subtitles – kidding – kind of…), but this is the only video I could find online of this scene.  I won’t write the title for fear it will be taken down.  But you gotta love: “Oh, dessert! Cerveau de singe au sorbet!”  My friends and I would watch this scene over and over again.  That and the scene where the guy takes the other guy’s heart out, still beating.

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At the risk of losing my G-rating, I absolutely MUST share this video.  It’s one of my favorite film scenes from one of the best food movies ever made, a close second to Babette’s Feast, in my opinion.  If you haven’t seen it, Tampopo is hilarious, sensual, and smart.  I adore yolks and I adore fresh oysters, and if you don’t too after watching this (at least to play with)…well, you’re nuts!  Please share your favorite food-movie-scenes.  I would love to hear your recommendations.

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