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To spice things up, here are some random and lovely things I see and photograph on my phone. Enjoy!

Fish tank in pet shop on Dizengoff. Conch looked like a toothy mouth.

Bottom of my coffee, lovely rich Arab coffee with rose water, after hummus

Crappiest coffee ever, at university, with a Sorrel flower I picked and nibbled

European clockwork organ-griding machine/theatre/music box. At Dizengoff fountain. Playing the entire soundtrack to Oklahoma!

Flowers. But you knew that. A new friend is a florist - this is a centerpiece of hers, a display to try to sell her services to couples getting married.

Have some Humos, fool! Nope - I'll order the Humos Grinding Granules.

Cool, huh? It's a hanging sculpture in old Jaffa, with a real orange tree inside.

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is a joy forever.

Dried flowers on a blue plate at my artist friend Diana's studio in Haifa.

passed this window on Dizengoff yesterday afternoon...two beautiful women, or what?

my sister's gorgeously demolished birthday cake resting on a sticky table beside a bottle of Finlandia and cans of Red Bull in a posh night club.

finally got a halfway decent martini in tel aviv - trick is, you really have to say - "very very dry, very very cold, gin martini with two olives in a martini glass, please."

one of my favorite images. it almost seems a dream i was ever there, communing with baby cows on a goan beach. but i was. and it was really that beautiful.

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