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Come one, come all!  From tonight, Saturday May 21 to Saturday May 28, the Golan Heights Winery is presenting their incredible yearly wine extravaganza at the port of Tel Aviv.   There will be 6 separate themed bars, and each cost only around 30 shekels to sample all four (or more) wines featured there.

All of the information online about the fest is in Hebrew.  However, it’s going to be fantastic.  The winemakers themselves are going to be there.  We’re opening top-end wines that are not yet on the market.  There are free workshops every night.  Blind tastings.  The works.

Day 1 was incredible! I got to open a Yarden Rom. That's right. Rom.

Basically, be there or be square.  You can come for 20 minutes, you can come for 4 hours.  It’s simple.  As it’s free to get in (it’s at the namal, after all), you can pick and choose exactly which of the 6 experiences you’d like to have.  Starts at about 7 pm every night (except Shabbat, when it’s after Shabbat ends, around 8 pm).

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“Don’t you DARE open that bottle!” I hissed at my dad who was staring into the open fridge, “take that crappy Chardonnay over there…”

I miss 2 Buck Chuck...for these sorts of reasons...

It was the end of a “blah” kind of day, nobody was paying much attention to what we were eating, and there was some company over of the sort that honestly never cared about the kind of wine being drunk.

So I ask the question – when do you drink your finest bottles of wine? When do you resort to bargain bin?

This simple little question has come up several times recently.  I’ve overheard some big collectors complain that opening their best bottles usually ends up being disappointing.  If the company isn’t right, if others don’t appreciate what you’ve been waiting for all these years, is it a waste?

Should the best bottles be saved for the best occasions? Weddings, bar mitzvahs, engagements, promotions, births? What if your friends, family, etc, don’t care about the wine? Does it matter?  Would it even be right to raise a glass of crappy wine for an important event?

Or should you open your best just because…it’s a nice day,  or to improve a crap day, or because it’s just the time to enjoy something that is the very best…just because.

I admit, I don’t ever like wasting a good wine on people who have no interest or no ability to appreciate it.  But is it a sign of lack of respect to deny them something decent simply because?  If London Broil and Porterhouse taste the same to my grandmother, should I deny her the Porterhouse, if she’ll eat it anyway?

This post contains more questions than answers.  So…what to you think?

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