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The theme for my new year:

Last New Years I was secretly thrilled, relieved, and honestly tickled pink that I had someone to kiss.  Then it ended a month later.

This year, alone as is usually usual, I have a whirlwind day – this is not such a big deal of a holiday in Israel – AND lucky me gets to work wine until 11 pm.

And as is usually usual – I pick through the events of the last year in hopes of convincing myself it was productive/interesting/memorable.  Highlights include:

  • A marvelous inspiring five-day trip to Dublin that changed the focus of my life and led me to learn about and work in wine
  • Italy and a Mediterranean cruise – got to have a 3 week+ vacation with my family.
  • A whirlwind trip to the USA – 6 States in 4 weeks – including a gorgeous visit to Ojai, CA for a wedding, a drop by my old haunt of Milton, DE, and three days of late night Chinese food and chick flicks with my sister in Flushing, NY.  Yes, I said Flushing.
  • I had my novel professionally read over and critiqued.
  • Found an interesting basic little part time job serving/selling/educating people about the finest Israeli wines.
  • Moved downtown in from the remote boredom of suburban sprawl (and lack of public transportation).
  • And I’m sure a lot more…
  • Oh yeah, I turned 30! Had a great party, got over the stigma of being old, of being nowhere near where I thought I would be.

So… as I’ve now taken some 12 hours to complete this post…not having had more than 30 minutes to sit at a time all day…I want to wish you all a very


May it bring prosperity and joy to us all.

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